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Wyatt Earp Deposition Concerning H. Gould
(AKA, "Skunk Curley")

Document: Cover, Earp Deposition Document: Earp Deposition Document: Earp DepositionDocument: Earp Deposition

From court proceedings, Sept. 20, 1878

State of Kansas
H Gould alias
Skunk Curley
Filed this 27th 
Day of Nov 1878
[signature indistinguishable]

State of Kansas         In Justice Court, before Lloyd Shinn
County of Ford         Justice of the Peace, in and for Dodge
                                  Township in the County aforesaid.

State of Kansas
H Gould alias
Skunk Cunley

   Personally appeared before
me Wyatt Earp who being duly sworn
deposes and says that on the 20th 
day of September 1878 one Skunk Curley
in and upon the body of one Fred 
Cogan then and there being did fal-
oniously (sic) make an assault and
faloniously did shoot at and wound
with intent then and there falonious-
ly, maliciously and on purpose to kill
and murder him, the said Fred
Cogan, and deponent prays that process
may be issued against the said Skunk
Curley and that he be dealt with
according to law 
                  Wyatt Earp

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 20th
day of September A.D. 1878
                  Lloyd Shinn
                  Justice of the Peace

Warrant issued this 20th day of September
A.D. 1878 directed to W.B. Masterson Sheriff
of Ford County and returnable forthwith.
Subpeona issued on behalf of the State
For Wyatt Earp, James Masterson, Josie
[indistinguishable] and Fred Cogan.
Warrant returned this 20th day of 
September A.D. 1878 with the following
endorsement thereon to wit: "Received
this writ this 20th day of September A.D. 1878
served by arresting the within named
Skunk Curley and having his body
in court".

Serving warrant $.50 W.B. Masterson Sheriff
                         By Jas Masterson Deputy

And now, to wit: on this 20th day of September
A.D. 1878 this cause being called for
hearing, the defendant pleads "not
guilty" and says that he waives his
preliminary examination until the case
can be heard by the District Court whereupon
a [indistinguishable] was issued to the keeper
of the Jail of Ford County directing
him to hold the body of the said H Gould alias Skunk
Curley until the said District Court
shall convene or until a good and
sufficient bond be given in the sum 
of Two Thousand Dollars for his appear-
ance at the next term of the District
                  Lloyd Shinn 

State of Kansas
Ford County

   I Lloyd Shinn, the undersigned
Justice of the Peace of Dodge Township
in said county, hereby certify that
the foregoing is a true, full and complete
copy from my Docket of the proceedings
had by and before me at my office
in said County, in the above action.
Witness my hand at Dodge City in said County,
On this 20th day of September A. D. 1878
                  Lloyd Shinn
                  Justice of the Peace 

(Ford County Historical Society, Inc., Jim Johnson, transcriber, April 2003, Dodge City, KS)

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