• Front Street in Dodge City, Kansas, during the 1870's.

  • The first Church in Dodge City
    Union Church on the corner of Spruce and First Avenue. Old McCarty hospital in the background. Built in the Spring of 1874.
  • Robert M. Wright
    Robert M. Wright had the sutler's store in Fort Dodge, later he was a partner in the Charles Rath Merchantile Company store, later buying out his partner, Charles Rath.
  • Geo. M. Hoover
    Along with J.G. McDonald, George M. Hoover had set up a tent saloon in Dodge City, June 17,1872

  • Dodge City
    Dodge City in 1872 -- White building with stairway R. M. Wright and Chas. Rath mercantile building. Dark roofed building to the right of this is H.J. Fringer Drug Store.

  • Carrie Markley and Chas. Rath
    Wedding Picture of Carrie Markley and Chas. Rath. Carrie Markley Rath often told her children Robert and Bertha that their father sat beneath the tongue of the hoisted wagon tongue during the noon hour, studying from a book while the oxen rested.

  • First House in Dodge City
    First house on present site of Dodge City. Built sometime in August, 1872. This sod house was built by "Black" Kelly and used by H. L. Sitler to house men employed to mow hay along the treeless Arkansas River. (Information written on the picture concerning Mr. and Mrs. Nixon is incorrect. Kelly is standing alone in the door of the "soddie".) East of third, South of the tracks, where the John Duse Building now stands. Telegraph pole at the corner of the building.

  • Traces of the Old Santa Fe Trail
    Traces of the old Santa Fe Trail can still be seen in some places in the John Merk Pasture ten miles west of Dodge City.

  • Fort Dodge
    Fort Dodge, 1867. The house in the rear was first built in Abilene, moved to Ellsworth, then to Fort Dodge and still later to Dodge City. It Dodge City it became the property of W. B. (Dad) Rhodes. Lane Miers, Mamie Sprecker's father, once lived there. J. E. Hunnell, Janitor of the Methodist Church, was living there at the time it burned, about 1930. 712 First Avenue.

  • Territorial Kansas
    Map from The History of Kansas, Arnold.

  • Kansas at the Time of the Civil War
    Map from The History of Kansas, Arnold.

  • Chalkey McArtor Beeson
    Chalkey McArtor Beeson, an old stage driver who came to Dodge City, lingered a while and stayed. He organized the famous Cowboy Band.

  • F. C. Zimmermann
    F. C. Zimmermann - Came to Dodge City in 1872. Was gunsmith by profession but operated harware and mercantile stores in Dodge City. Was member of Dodge City's first school board.

  • Kansas, 1861-'64
    Map from the Kansas State Historical Collections.

  • Ed Garland
    Ed Garland, earliest Dodge City druggist. Died in Cimarron about 1910.

  • Dr. O. H. Simpson

  • Dr. T. L. McCarty
    Dr. T. L. McCarty - Dodge City's first physician. His son, Claude McCarty, was the first white child born in Dodge City. Both practiced and maintained hospitals in Dodge City throughout long lifetimes.

  • Dr. Claude E. McCarty
    Dr. Claude E. McCarty as a boy, the first white child born in Dodge City.

  • H. B. Bell
    H. B. Bell was on the City Council 1877. In 1889, largely through his efforts, instead of being razed, the buildings [at Ft. Dodge] were put to a good use as a soldiers' home.

  • Charles Rath
    Charles Rath sitting on Buffalo hides. D. W. (Doc.) Anschutz of Meade - man in white shirt - was employed by Rath to run baler. He mentioned to Merritt Beeson that "We had in the yards as high as 70,000 to 80,000 hides." Merritt also said so.

  • Orlando A. (Brick) Bond
    Orlando A. (Brick) Bond. Killed most buffalo in shortest time around Dodge City, Kansas. From November 1, 1873, killed 6,183, average of 103 per day.

  • Margaret A. Walker
    Margaret A. Walker, first lady school teacher in Dodge City, in 1874.

  • James Hanrahan
    James Hanrahan, first state representative from Ford County.

  • Map of Ford County
    From The History of Kansas, Prentice.

  • Cheyenne Indians
    Cheyenne Indians held prisoners in County Jail in Dodge City in 1878. Captured as they were trying to return to the Black Hills from reservation in Oklahoma.

  • Bat Masterson

  • Andy Johnson
    Andy Johnson, who helped build the toll bridge and laid all the sidewalks in Dodge City, marked A.J.

  • The first Windthorst Parish Buildings
    The first Windthorst Parish Buildings (Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish). Church built in the Spring of 1879 and was blessed by Father Wolf on Easter Sunday. Father Ferdinand Wolf was a Benedictine priest who came to minister to the spiritual needs of Windthorst, May 21, 1878. He also took care of mission places, St. Jospeh's, eight miles North of Windthorst, Kinsley and Dodge. He celebrated his first mass May 22, 1878, in the Henry Tasset home.

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