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The Weasels: Underground Success of A Kansas Rock Group

by Patrick Joseph O’Connor

Popular Music And Society (Bowling Green State University) Summer 1993
Reprinted in the book Moody's Skidrow Beanery, Kansas Underground From Beat To Hip, by P.J. O'Connor, Rowfant Press

At the request of the author, this article is off-line. 05 August 2013

On a crisp fall day in the mid-1960s, a car drove into El Dorado, Kansas (population 15,000) with an elk tied to the hood. Kansas is not elk country. The animal had been hunted and brought down in Colorado. The car's occupants were Doug Crispin and his aunt and uncle. Their manner of coming was news to the citizenry. The youngsters gathered around the thousand-pound trophy, and the Native American boy who had shot it was thereafter called "Elkshot." He was later to become drummer for a rock band known as the Weasels.

(Copyright © 1993, P.J. O'Connor; used with permission.)

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