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[Painting: Kansas Meadowlark, by Keith

Keith Sears, Artist

P. O. Box 86
Smith Center, Kansas 66967

Call for an appointment: 785-282-0204 or 785-282-3532

Keith Sears internationally known artist, has had a love of art since the age of 14. While a student at Gaylord High school, Gaylord, KS, he learned to draw and paint with the inspiration, help and guidance of a classmate, Carl Dean Nicholas. The two art buddies would frequently draw and paint the same picture and take them to school to compare them. Keith believes that if it had not been for Carl Dean, he would never have become an artist.

His development as an artist came while Keith was pastor of a church in Honolulu, Hawaii. He loved the beauty of the Islands and had a strong desire to capture it on canvas. After attending an adult class in oil painting, he started selling his work. Before leaving Hawaii he had painted and sold more than 400 pictures, showing in galleries, an open show and doing commissions.

After moving to the Island of Guam to pastor another church, Keith realized that there were no art shows there. So he began doing commissions, painting portraits, seascapes, florals, and landscapes. After four years, he and his wife Betty moved to California where he continued painting commissions for several years.

Keith's paintings have been shown in the Kahala Art Gallery and the Margaret Keene Gallery in Honolulu, Hawaii and in an open show with 49 other artists for 4 years in Waikiki. He has also shown his work in Torrance and in San Diego, California.

Not satisfied with his limited training, he worked on a degree in art at the Guam University, California State Universities in Dominguez Hills, CA, and in Long Beach, CA. Desiring to develop still further as an artist, Keith and Betty, retired from their work and moved to Florence, Italy, where he studied Renaissance art for 2 years in an Academy of Art, and did independent study of art for one year in Rome, Italy.

Art and ministry have always been a major part of Keithís life. He believes that the spiritual aspect of his life has made him more sensitive to the beauties of Godís creation, whether itís a sunset over the ocean, the majesty of the mountains, the peacefulness of the Kansas prairie, or the character of an individual revealed in a personís face. These are all subjects for painting, for they are sources of inspiration given to us by a loving God.

Now that Keith is back home in Kansas again after being gone 51 years, he is happy to be painting and pastor of a church again. He is especially interested in portraying life in Kansas, both past and present, and believes that every thing in nature is a manifestation of God, and can be admired and praised and painted.

Keith is a participating member of the Smith County Kansas Arts Council, the Hutchinson, Kansas Art Gallery, and has been an active member in the Honolulu, Hawaii Artists Guild, the Torrance, California Artists Guild, and the San Diego, California Artists Guild.

Each work of Keith Sears art is unique, and in a wide variety of subjects and styles.

Email: ksears2@ruraltel.net

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