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[silk screen: Harvested Grounds, by Justin Marable; copyright. Used with permission, courtesy Signs of Life Art Gallery, Lawrence, KS.] [painting: Kaw Near Lindwood by Lisa Grossman; copyright 2008. Used with permission, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS: All rights reserved.]


S. Clay Wilson\'s medical crisis -- hard to explain that without his art, the total visual palette used today would be different.


Donations address: S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust, PO Box 14854, San Francisco CA 94114
[Courtesy, Jim McCrary, used with permission. All rights reserved.]

William Burroughs, Jim McCrary, S. Clay Wilson -- on William Burrough\'s porch, Lawrence, KS.

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[photograph: 5.4.7 Arts Center, Greensburg, Kansas KS]

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Artists In Kansas
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