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Round-Up Committees
Named by Ham Bell

(from the Dodge City Daily Globe, October 11, 1929)

     H.B. Bell, general chairman of the Last Round-Up which will mark the corner stone laying of the new city hall, November 4, has named several of his special committees. The committeemen so far named are:

     Reception committee -- Arthur Scates, J.A. Arment, Howard Kasey, Dr. W.C. Templeton, Ms. Edna Lockman Cobb, Dr. Otis Thompson, H.R. Brown, Dr. C.E. McCarty, Dr. Cowen, P.H. Young, P.H. Sughrue, Frank Spicer, William States, Martin Mayrath, George Stauth, M.M. Gwinner, R.S. Robinson, Frank Hobble, Harry Herzer, George Stumph, Will Bader, Guss Faulkner, Martin Stohr, Ernest Herdericks, J.M. Bell, J.M. Kirkpatrick, Harry Hubbard, Andy Russell, L.L. Taylor, C.C. Isely, Fred Cook , E.J. Riney, Joe Kliesen, Louis Converth, J.H. Ripple, E.E. Smith, Victor Carson, Peter Burgland, George Reighard, W.H. Lord, Tom Bragg, Lem Henry, Louie Schmidt, Herman Streater, Al Olive, Frank Hobble, Gene Walker, James Beatty, E.J. Ogg, Dr. W.F. Pine.

     Grounds committee -- W.C. Gould, Jule Parham, Fred Kirkpatrick.

     Headquarters committee -- Charles States, Robert Rath, Jon Martin, John Keech, Merritt Beeson, Al Cord.

     Cowboy Statue committee -- O.H. Simpson, Harry McCarter, E.C. Hathaway.

     Cowboy committee -- Charles Kincald, Emerson Brown, Harold Ripple, Bob Dowdy, Jon Sughrue, Chas. Wortman, T.F. Garner, Tom Stauth, Tom Bell, Geo. Wiseman, Harper Sitler.

     Cowgirl committee -- Mrs. John Keech, Mrs. Chas. Manda, Mrs. Earl Falkner, Mrs. Betty Lyons.

     Song committee -- Karl Miller, Carl Newby, Art Zimmer, Ote Edwards.

     Boot Hill school committee -- R.W. Evans, S.P. Reynolds, Miss Gussie Mootz, Mrs. E.D. Bowen, Mrs. C.E. McCarty.

     Decoration committee -- J.P. McCollom, Carl Etrick, Wetzel O'Neal.

     Bicycle committee -- Whitie Peterson, Harry Holmes.

     Buffalo Bones Float committee -- C.E. Aten, Horace Pettijohn.

     Prairie Schooner committee -- C.E. Nevins, John Williamson, Harold Skaggs.

     Prairie Coal Float committee -- Will Sughrue, Pearl Manda, Harve Garner.

     Sod House committee -- Wallace Devoe, Lem Pogue.

     Publicity committee -- J.C. Denious, Roy Buckingham, Fred Sallors.

     Band committee -- Ole Oleson, Otie Beeson, Carson Baker.

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