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Emelia Mueller-John Chambliss Wedding
Mueller-Schmidt House
June 12, 1889

[The only photograph in the FCHS archives of the Mueller family at their house was taken on June 12, 1889, the wedding day of Emelia Mueller.]

Dodge City Times, June 13, 1889

[Photograph of the
Mueller-Schmidt House June, 12, 1889.]

     "Married in this city, at the residence of the brides parents, Wednesday evening, June 12th, 1889. Mr. John Hagaman Chambliss, ...to Miss E. Louise Mueller of Dodge City, Rev. J.M. Wright, Pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating.

     "The ceremony was witnessed by...the relatives of the respective families and a limited number of invited personal friends who assembled...at the hour named-nine o'clock-when the contracting parties were ushered into the spacious parlors, when two souls with but a single thought were soon made to beat as one, the ceremony though brief, was most beautiful and very impressive. The bride was most handsomely attired in a white satin dress and ornaments, while the groom wore conventional black. The wedded pair were surrounded and received the hearty congratulations of the friends present after which an adjournment was taken and all proceeded to the dining hall where a sumptuous repast was awaiting them, where tables were found laden with many of the good things of this life ...the tables were most beautifully decorated and laden down with all the delicacies of the season.... Mr. Fred Berg [Elizabeth Berg Schmidt's father and first baker in Dodge City], the confectioner on this occasion, again exhibited his superior skill in the art decorative as shown by the ornamentation of the bride's and groom's cakes, which exhibited the work of a genius.

     "As is usual on an occasion like this the small boy [Henry Mueller?] was on hand and so were his tin horns and tin cans, and the racket they made vividly recalled to mind of the writer an old time chavirari [sic].

[Photo: Chalk
Beeson's Cow-Boy Band; Ford County Historical Soc., All rights reserved.]

     "The bride and groom as well as guests assembled were honored by the members of the [Chalk Beeson's] silver cornet band with a few of their choicest selections.... As the hour of midnight was fast approaching the guests departed and the wedded pair were escorted to the depot where they took the midnight train for Denver and other mountain cities where they will spend their honeymoon, after which they hope to spend a week ...with their friends at home when they will depart for their future home, Fort Reno, I.T. [Indian Territory]. The contracting parties have known each other nearly all their lives; they were virtually raised together, schooled in the same school on the plains of Western Kansas; and thus formed an early attachment and mutual regard for each other. The bride is a cultured young lady, of unassuming manners.... The groom ...was equally well and most favorably known to our earlier settlers, who for the past seven years however has resided in Rodney, Miss..... He is of southern birth being the son of Hiram and Corina Chambliss, a...highly respected family of Louisiana. At the age of nine his father died, then his mother with her three children took up residence at St. Louis, Mo., with her father where she met and married her present husband, Mr. A.J. Anthony of this city where they reside. He [John] was schooled in the public schools of this city..., he has returned to us after an absence of seven years, and has claimed for his wedded wife, the little playmate and school girl Emelia....

     "May Heavens choicest blessing rest upon them is the wish of the Times...."

The gifts ranged from silver fruit knives to a hand-painted frame, given by the best-known citizens of Dodge City -- a buffet cover from Mrs. Robert Wright (town president); one damask table cloth from Mrs. George Hoover (first Dodge City merchant); silver cake basket from Dr. and Mrs. T.L. McCarty (first Dodge City doctor); a linen table cloth from Mrs. O. Print Olive; hand-painted placque and plush frame from the Fred Singers; a wall pocket from Mrs. D.M. Frost; a silver berry spoon and cake knife from Mrs. H.M. Beverly; a gold top card receiver from Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Evans; half a dozen silver knives and forks from Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. Cox; and a 'beautiful' work basket from Emelia's Grandma Koch, among others. Many are on display in the Mueller-Schmidt House (1881) Museum.

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