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Offy Killer
No. 25 Sprint Car
Jetmore Motoplex
July 2005

Offy Killer, No. 25 Sprint Car, built in 1957 by the late Chet Wilson, Wichita, at Jetmore Motorplex Evert Issac Memorial Vintage Car Race, July 30, 2005. Jerry Wilson driver and owner.
Photograph by George Laughead


[photograph: Offy Killer, No. 25 Sprint Car, Chet Wilson, Wichita | Jetmore Motorplex | 2005 Photograph ]

The Offy Killer earned the name by being the first small block Chevy sprint car -- a hot small block V8 283 cubic inch, fuel injected engine powered it. The Offy (from Fred Offenhauser) and Ranger (a bi-plane engine company) motors dominated sprint car racing at the time, and were expensive.

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