E A R L Y     F O R D     C O U N T Y

by Ida Ellen Rath
Mennonite Press
North Newton, Kansas
1964 ©Ford County KS Historical Society
Dodge City, Kansas

T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S

[2007 Semi-proofed Version]

Foreword I Foreword II 1. Peketon County Later Ford
2. Along the Santa Fe Trail 3. Dodge City Town Company 4. Dodge City and Other Towns
5. Organization of Ford County 6. Buffalo Gold 7. Indian Chief's Narrow Escape
8. Adobe Walls Fight 9. Toll Bridge Gateway to the Southwest 10. The Buffalo Trade
11. Cattle Men and Drives 12. Men Who Made the West 13. Dodge City Represented Ford County
14. Newspapers in Ford County 15. Business and Professional Men 16. Early Day Men and a Diary
17. Dodge City a Sporting Town 18. Court House His Monument 19. A Good Place to Get a Start
20. Herder, Wagonmaster Lose Lives 21. Along the Sawlog 22. Tales of Early Day Youth
23. Dodge City Today Yesteryear Index of Illustrations

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