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Racing In Kansas

McCarty Speedway
Dodge City, KS
1956 Trophy Dash Champion Team
Junior Maupin, No. 98 Jalopy

[photograph: 1956 Trophy Dash Champion Team, McCarty
Speedway, Wright Park, Dodge City, KS.]

1956 Trophy Dash Champion Race Team, McCarty Speedway, Wright Park, Dodge City, KS.

Junior (Cecil) Maupin, Jr. driver, with (from l.) Hank (Henry) Palmer, car builder; Bud Stanley, chief mechanic; Burney Faulkner and unknown -- the 1933 Ford coupe jalopy racer's first-class crew, rare in 1956. Note matching overalls and bill-less caps, and also infamous McCarty Speedway's tin fence in background.

No deaths were recorded at races on McCarty Speedway, which featured two dirt tracks -- a 1/2-mile track for motorcycles and horses, and a 1/4-mile track for cars. Photograph courtesy: Roger and Troy Burnett, Dodge City, KS.

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