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Kansas Journal of Military History
History Quiz No. 2

  1. In the 1850s, many people immigrated to Kansas from the East.  What form of transportation did most of them use?  
  2. What two Kansas rivers end where another Kansas river begins?  
  3. The first mayor of San Francisco later served as governor of Kansas and became a Union general in the Civil War.  Who was he?  
  4. Kansas once had a national forest.  Where was it?  
  5. The Great Flu Epidemic of 1918 swept over the world killing upwards of forty million people.  Where do many think it began?  
  6. In 1859, a beardless Abraham Lincoln gave one of the most important speeches of his life in Leavenworth and other Kansas towns.  What was Lincoln's middle name?  
  7. Currently, how many military installations does the US Government own in Kansas?  
  8. At one time, three soon-to-be world famous men lived in the Kansas City area, within thirty miles of each other, without knowing it.  Who were they?  
  9. In its 150-year history, Kansas has had seven capitals.  Can you name two or more?  
  10. Kansas has been invaded several times by foreign armies.  Who led the first invasion?    

Answers:  1) Steamboat. 2) When the Smoky Hill and Republican Rivers join, they form the Kansas River. 3) John Geary. 4) Along the Arkansas River in western Kansas, 1905-1915. 5) Fort Riley, near Junction City, Kansas. 6) He had none. 7) Seven--Forts Leavenworth and Riley, Forbes and McConnell Air Force Bases at Pauline and Wichita, Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant in Desoto, Kansas Army Ammunition Plant in Parsons, Kansas Regional Training Center, Salina. 8) William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, Leavenworth, Kansas; Jesse James, Kearney, Missouri; James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, Monticello (Shawnee), Kansas. 9) Leavenworth, Shawnee Mission, Pawnee, Lecompton, Minneola, Lawrence, Topeka. 10) Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, 1541.

Questions and answers provided by the Kansas Journal of Military History.

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