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Kansas Journal of Military History
History Quiz No. 7

  1. Did Marshal Dillon ever kiss Miss Kitty?
  2. Four soon-to-be famous generals lived in Kansas prior to the Civil War. Can you name one?
  3. Kansas is known for tornadoes. What is the origin of the word "tornado"?
  4. Despite world notoriety as the "Land of Oz," Kansas has only two museums devoted to this classic book and movie. Where are the museums located?
  5. The only Native American Vice-President in U.S. history hailed from Kansas. Who was he?
  6. Considered by many to be one of the greatest actresses of our time, this legendary beauty spent her first Christmas in Arkansas City, Kansas. Who is she?
  7. Kansas's neighbor, Boise City, Oklahoma, holds this dubious World War II distinction. What is it?
  8. The only known time that Abraham Lincoln and his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, spoke from the same stage (at different times) was in Kansas. Can you name the town?
  9. Missouri native, Brad Pitt, is about to become the latest movie star to play Jesse James. How many others can you name?
  10. The first law enforcement job held by Wyatt S. Earp was in this town, later made famous by a U.S. president. Name the town.

Answers: 1) No; 2) Joseph Johnston, J.E.B. Stuart, William Tecumseh Sherman, Robert E. Lee; 3) Derived from the old Spanish word tronada: thunderstorm; 4) Liberal and Wamego; 5) Charles Curtis, 1929-1933; 6) Elizabeth Taylor; 7) Boise City was the only town in the United States to be bombed during World War II. Near midnight, July 5, 1943, a B-17 bomber accidentally dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town. 8) Leavenworth; 9) Robert Duvall, James Keach, Kris Kristofferson, Rob Lowe, Clayton Moore, Audie Murphy, Tyrone Power, Dale Robertson, Roy Rogers -- and many more, including Jesse's son, Jesse Edward James; 10) Lamar, Missouri, birth place of Harry S. Truman.

Questions and answers provided by the Kansas Journal of Military History.

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