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Kansas Journal of Military History
History Quiz No. 8

  1. The first white man on record to reach Kansas was Coronado. What does his name mean?
  2. How many flags have flown over Kansas?
  3. Who said, "I am a 100% disbeliever in war"?
  4. Nebraska borders Kansas to the north. What does "Nebraska" mean?
  5. Valley Falls in eastern Kansas is one of the larger communities on the Delaware River. What were the original names of these two historic places?
  6. In 1906, this earthshaking event occurred in Manhattan, Kansas. What was it?
  7. Dorothy of "The Wizard of Oz" has become one of the more enduring symbols of Kansas. What was her last name?
  8. State Representative, Lee Tafanelli, recently resigned his seat to serve with his unit in Iraq. Which Kansas governor resigned to go to war?
  9. One of the most famous men to hail from Kansas was Dwight D. Eisenhower. His parents met, fell in love and married in which Kansas town?
  10. Which of these are native to Kansas? a) Tumbleweed b) Ringneck Pheasant c) Carp d) Pottawatomie Indians (e) Wheat.

ANSWERS: 1) The Crowned One; 2) Seven--Spain, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Texas, United States of America, and the Confederate States of America; 3) General Douglas MacArthur; 4) Otoe Indian for "Flat Water;" 5) Grasshopper Falls and Grasshopper River; 6) Earthquake; 7) Gale; 8) Samuel Crawford during the Indian Wars, 1868; 9) Lecompton; 10) None - - a) Tumbleweed (Russia), b) Ringneck Pheasant (China), c) Carp (Eurasia), d) Pottawatomie Indians (Michigan), and e) Wheat (Turkey).

Questions and answers provided by the Kansas Journal of Military History.

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